Welcome To Emley Village Youth and Community Centre...

EVYCC is an organisation set up by volunteers from Emley Village. The idea of the project is to make use of the old changing block by the Emley A.F.C Stadium, and turn it into a place for youths between the ages of 8 and 19 to go to take part in activities or simply to relax. The Kirklees Census from 1991 up until 2009, dictates that the amount of children who fit this criteria is increasing at an increasing rate, however it has become evident that not much has been done throughout Kirklees to nourish the needs of us youths.

The aim of this project is to provide a facility that will be used by all facets of our community, including young people aged 8-19. A place where all young people in the local area can meet, be active and socialise in a safe environment, a place that adds value to the village and fosters respect to the individual whilst being a fun place to be.  

The youth club is set to run two or three nights a week, while the community centre will operate all week, with possible events including, coffee mornings, mother and toddler groups and bingo. 

 As you may know, we do already have a building in which we can turn into a youth club. The derelict ex-football changing rooms are set to be revamped into a new community centre.

This building has stood abandoned since 1998 when Emley football club when they built new facilities at the neighboring Welfare ground. It is strong belief among the residents of Emley village that the building is often vandalised and is an eyesore.  We were granted permission by the Emley Moor Miners Welfare Trust to operate them as a village hall.

The support for this project up to press has been phenomenal with hundreds of local children petitioning and following the progress of this project via our Facebook page. 

Up to press, £30,000 of funding has been raised via different sources, ( Click here to view our funding page ). 

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